Step 1: 

Schedule a FREE 30-minute Phone Consultation to discuss your organizational needs and goals, along with my services and fees. 

Step 2:

Schedule a one hour In-Home Assessment where I will visit your home to review the space(s) you need assistance with and understand your organizational needs. Together, we will create a customized Action Plan, which can be completed on your own OR with my assistance. Click here for pricing and to schedule your In-Home Assessment

Don't need an In-Home Assessment? Know what you want to work on organizing and need my professional hands-on help to get it done? Let's briefly discuss your visions and goals and skip to step 3!

Step 3: 

If we find we are a good fit, following the In-Home Assessment appointment we can get to work on our Action Plan or we can skip the assessment and get straight to work (3-hour minimum).  Review packages and pricing here or schedule now here.

Step 4: 

Enjoy your transformed your home!