West Bloomfield

"It is with great pleasure that I recommend Carrie Giffin as a professional organizer. Carrie has come to my home on several occasions to help myself and my family with the enormous task of organizing our basement and garage. I admittedly, had some trepidation about how she may react when she first arrived and viewed the magnitude of the chaos that was before her. However, what I quickly learned was that she did not show any judgment. Instead, she rapidly got to work to “do her magic” by either finding each item their special “home” (with typed labels to identify them, may I say), or supporting me in making long overdue decisions to either donate the items to charity or sell them on the internet. Without reservation, I recommend Carrie Giffin as a gifted and professional organizer!”

Shelby Township

"Carrie has helped me to block off the time to get organized and provided the extra energy to get me through it. A couple of times, I would of walked away and said 'I'm done.' " 


"I am a mom of 3 little ones and for years I was overwhelmed with the stacks of photos and memorabilia that had piled up and I had no idea how to tackle it. I called Carrie and thought for sure when I piled all of the boxes in front of her that she would feel as overwhelmed as I did but with her awesome determination and organization skills, she quickly determined a plan of attack and in a matter of a few hours we had sorted through everything and came up with a system to maintain my memorabilia as well as my photos going forward. I am so thankful and it’s like a weight was lifted off my shoulders!!"


“Working with Carrie has been a pleasure on all levels. She not only helped me get organized, but taught me the skills necessary to stay organized. My husband was so impressed; he hired Carrie to work with the (office) staff at his manufacturing company.”