Balancing work, family, outside activities and commitments is a lot of work!  Keeping up with the paperwork, schedules, household items, clothing and toys that go along with it can be overwhelming.  

It's ok if you're too busy to keep your home organized how you would like. You're not alone. Many people find that every day life (and stuff that seems to multiply) gets in the way of setting up an organizational process. 

That's where Space Organizing Solutions comes in.  We can help you create the sustainable order you're seeking and leave the chaos behind once and for all.



Home by Room

Your home should be your sanctuary. I can help you  feel at ease and be confident in knowing where to find what you need, when you need it. 


Sans a system, paperwork can quickly become overwhelming.  I can help you identify and implement a system so that you can get back to steering the ship. 

Time Management

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Moving and Life Transitions

Big life changes call for processes that make the details easier. I can help guide you and keep you moving as you wade through the details. 


“It can be embarrassing to have someone come into your home and see your mess. Carrie did not judge. She got right to work and showed me some tips on how to keep things organized so I wouldn’t fall back into my old habits. I love my organized basement and laundry room!”
- Michele, Rochester Hills