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FREE consultation: 248-770-1460


How can a professional organizer help me?

Getting your home organized is a huge task. Even getting a single room or closet organized can take a great deal of effort and motivation. Hiring me will double your efforts. I can also help guide you to find solutions that add efficiency and order to your spaces.



How much does it cost?

Space Organizing Solutions offers a competitive hourly rate of $50 payable via cash or check. A three hour minimum is required for each organizing session.


Single sessions and package sessions are available. Discounts will apply for packages or special promotions. .



Will I have to throw things away?

It is your choice whether or not to discard or donate items. I will work with you to help you decide if you are still in need of the item.



Will I have to purchase organizing products?

I specialize in repurposing existing products in your home so that you can use what you have. I can also make recommendations for products that will help allow you and your space to function at its peak.  



Will our work together be confidential?

Yes, all of our interactions will be kept confidential.



What are your qualifications?  

Read about my background here.